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Strategic Management Advisory

Project Advisory. Project sponsors, operators and builders around the world look to PSG for our expertise in identifying and expediting infrastructure development opportunities. We advise on all areas of management, investment and development, but differentiate ourselves with our ability to navigate the project sourcing and partnership process for government agencies, private firms and financial institutions. By bringing together value-added, strategic partners, PSG gives clients the ability to maximize outcomes and compete more efficiently.

Project/Portfolio Strategy and Financial Analyses

We bring to bear all our strategic processes and disciplines to refine client macro strategies and specific initiatives.

Technical Business Modeling

Technical Business Modeling is PSG's practice of understanding the core value drivers of a market, then drawing upon proven business principals to build and maintain a business model that is simple, flexible, scalable and financially airtight. We apply basic but powerful fundamentals to help form not only a general business model but also the framework for assessing external variables and future additions/modifications to the model.

Vision Architecture

Working in tandem with Technical Business Modeling, a bold and defined strategic vision is critical to the achieving long term success. PSG's Vision Architecture services help clients avoid the pitfalls of needlessly limiting horizons, laying out all possibilities and exploring unexamined elements of the vision. As markets evolve, we assist in periodically evaluating and potentially modifying the vision if the old vision is no longer optimal.

Idea Lab

PSG is an idea-driven firm with creativity and entrepreneurialism at its core. We continually brainstorm new ideas in a quest to keep clients ahead of the market. On a weekly basis, the PSG team holds Idea Lab working sessions to discuss ideas for new products/services, market trends, and business and marketing strategies. The concepts discussed in Idea Lab sessions are critiqued against the overall strategic vision and Technical Business Model. If an idea fits within these two programs, with client approval we can beta-test it within a cost-effective framework to minimize risk.

Changewave Position Management

Along with the generation and application of new ideas, we are experts at assessing competitive position on an ongoing basis to ensure that clients are never blindsided by a market moving away from them. Like Vision Architecture and Idea Lab services, Changewave Position Management enhances strategic vision and product offering, but in direct response to both obvious and subtle shifts in the marketplace.