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Incorporated in Thailand, PSG Advisors is a pioneering investment and strategic advisory firm focused on leading growth industries in the Asia Pacific region. PSG provides banking, advisory and capital placement services for institutional investors, business operators, and select private clients, as well as direct investment via its partnership in a global multi-billion dollar private equity firm. We provide clients with unique opportunities by offering access to preferred investment vehicles, originating and managing off-market deals, and bridging the gap between regional and global entities.

The PSG team is comprised of international professionals with successful backgrounds in finance, strategic management, growth technologies and real estate development. Our team members are successful entrepreneurs and financial professionals who have built successful companies in our focus industries and have operated on the ground floors of regional markets for many years. Our specific expertise and entrepreneurial approach provides clients with the right framework for positioning, executing and profiting from strategic initiatives.

PSG focuses on industries and opportunities that offer the greatest regional potential for long term profitability and growth :

  • Real Estate
  • RenewableEnergy
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Next Generation Private Banking

PSG Business Principles

Honesty and Reliability. We know from experience that sustained success is built on trust and reliability. So we put immense emphasis on excellence of service, honesty, reliability, and conviction in our approach.

Rigorous Opportunity Assessment. PSG itself was born of this screening process. Before "breaking ground" we collaborate with clients to evaluate market opportunities under the broadest possible perspective. What has the market missed? What opportunities hold the highest growth potential, scalability and competitive advantage, given our client's unique resources or expertise?

Sound Business Practice Coupled with Big Thinking. Our strategies and business models follow simple, realistic principals. But they are also always driven by big thinking. In our view, the biggest mistake is limiting one's field of vision, even when executing on a smaller scale.

Relentless Focus on Competitive Advantage. We consider it critical to always stay ahead of the competition and the market. We never stop brainstorming and refining ideas, or finding enhancements for buildout of a client's core model. But we also aggressively critique each new idea, because no good business model requires excessive risk.